Gold Initial Disc Charm Monogram Necklaces - Hammered Sol - Custom Personalized 2 Initials

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The perfect every day accompaniment to jeans and a top. This is a beautiful set of *2 separate necklaces* to layer together as shown, with a special meaning, custom made for you in 14K gold filled (see the benefits of 14K gold filled below). Necklace is hand stamped with the initials of your choice in lower case font as shown. 

These beautiful 14K gold filled necklaces have been created by hand by Stella Salvador using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Discs are 11mm in diameter (just under 1/2"). You can see the size/scale in the picture of the necklace being worn. All work has been done completely by hand, including the hand stamping and hammering. These necklaces are on two separate chains- one is a 16" 14K gold filled chain and the other is 17.5". This creates the beautiful layering effect when worn (see pics). This piece is done with a hammered finish for an organic look that also wears extremely well and hides scratches better than high shine polishing. Hammering also gives the piece beautiful sparkle and shine!

About 14K gold filled:
14K gold filled is a high quality material with significantly more 14K gold than gold plated jewelry which is more commonly seen in commercial jewelry. It is a more economical way to get the beauty of 14K gold. Gold-filled items are 50 to 100,000 times thicker than regular gold plating and will last for years and years with no worry of a plating rubbing off.

All 14K gold filled pieces now have a new updated chain design! All pieces will come with our new chain design in 2013 (pictured here), and most pieces will already come with the new chain for the rest of 2012. The new chain is only slightly different, but it is slightly more delicate looking and a cable design instead of rope. This is based on customer requests and our desire for an updated chain design. Enjoy!

Stella Salvador pieces are inspired by the colors, textures, and beauty of the natural world, and are created to make women feel empowered and as naturally beautiful as they are.  All Stella Salvador designs are handmade with only the finest natural, untreated genuine Gemstones, Sterling Silver or 14 Gold fill. All jewelry is individually handmade by the artist one piece at a time in the USA. Jewelry designs are often sketched first and later brought to life.


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